Gerry Verano

DJ & Producer


Gerry Verano started already with a tender age of 14 years to be interested in electronic music. He is a DJ & Producer. His productions and DJ-Sets gives to the audience a touch of summer freshness and party atmosphere. Ibiza is his energy and his spirit and gives him his inspirations to create new ideas in his tracks. Among his references including the legendary Fabric Club in London, the Henry Village in Tunisia, Club Bolero in Leobersdorf, the VIP Club in Linz, and much more.


DJ-ing in electronic Music (House - Techno)


Fabric London / UK (London Music Conference 2020)
Henry Village Gammarth/TU
Club Evers Unterweitersdorf/AT
Pulse Club Perg/AT
Blauer Affe Gmunden/AT
Kreuzbeisl Wels/AT
Arabia Café Kufstein/AT
Club Downstairs Kufstein/AT
House-Industry Vol. II IBK/AT
Studio 21 Innsbruck/AT
Club Friedbergs Innsbruck/AT
Club Plan B Innsbruck/AT
Maier-Bar Tamsweg/AT
Club Project Imst/AT
Clubsoundz-Gasthouseparty Part II, IV & V
Lava-Lounge Linz/AT
V.I.P. Club Linz/AT


Gerry Verano
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